Comprehensive Coverage

100+ Market Segments

ConsTrack360 combines industry dynamics, consumer insights and market innovations to offer the most comprehensive intelligence on construction industry.

Global Markets

50+ Countries

ConsTrack360 tracks over 50 key economies, delivering unique insights from growth and emerging markets. A global network of analysts provide specific and actionable insights.

Exhaustive Databases

75,000+ Data Points

ConsTrack360 provides unique databases that combine market statistics with consumer dynamics and market share to offer accurate view of the market opportunities.

Insights & Innovation

1000+ Reports

ConsTrack360 offers a range of analytical briefs and strategic reports, covering in-depth analysis on industry dynamics and on-going market innovation.

Building & Infrastructure Construction

ConsTrack360 tracks over 150 KPIs across 30+ market segments for top 40 economies, offering the most in-depth global coverage. Unique databases / insights covering in-depth market size & forecast (both value and volume), risk, and innovation helps in providing a comprehensive view of market opportunities.

Building Construction Markets


Infrastructure Construction Markets

Utility System
Marine & Inland Water

Construction City Intelligence

ConsTrack360’s Global Construction City Intelligence Database identifies opportunities and risks in real estate sector in top 100 cities across key developed and emerging economies, covering over 50 KPIs and 30 market segments for each city.

Cities Tracked

Market opportunities, forecasts, and risks across 100+ global cities

Market Segments

Track 30+ construction and real estate segments


90+ KPIs with five year forecast

Global Green Building Market Intelligence

In-depth market size, forecast, and risk assessment across 25 green building product segments and 15 market segments, covering 100 KPIs for each of the leading 25 economies

25 Key Countries
25 Product Segments
15 Market Segments
Competitive Landscape

Global Prefabrication Technology Intelligence

In-depth market size, forecast, and risk assessment across 15 prefabricated building construction product segments and 15 market segments, covering 70 KPIs for each of the leading 25 countries

25 Key Countries
25 Product Segments
15 Market Segments
Prefabricated Technologies

Our solutions

Global market intelligence on construction and real estate industry sectors through proprietary databases, expert analysis, and interactive online platform.

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